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Last updated: Thursday, October 14, 2010


There’s a new trend developing amongst consumers out there, who are all looking to create better bathrooms for themselves with funky bathroom furniture.

Bathroom Furniture can come in many styles, shapes and colours, meaning there is a wealth of choice out there for you to pick from. Ranging from the standard storage unit to space saving WC vanity unit combinations, the choices are great at this time.

The vanity unit normally comprises of a storage unit with drawers or internal shelving and a basin unit at the top of the unit. They can come either as wall hung or floor mounted and can be a great way to add storage space into your bathroom without taking too much room. The idea is that instead of having a basin and pedestal the plumbing is hidden internally in the unit, which does take away some of the internal room, but you will still have the shelving around the plumbing to hide away toiletries and such.

A real space saver is the combination unit, which incorporates a Vanity unit and wc unit with a back to the wall toilet and concealed cistern. This gives you 1 block unit which has your toilet, basin and storage space, with the plumbing tucked away under the outer casing. These units often have a short projection toilet, which makes this type of installation a great space saver in the more modest sized bathroom or en-suite. Not only are these great for space saving, they can look fantastic giving real added value to your bathroom. There are some great styles of combination units out on the market place, with classic walnut wood effect to glossy white finished units. The internet is a great place to start looking, with many companies out there offering this type of unit, in all manner of styles and colours. I’ve found a great walnut combination unit at which was a slim like model, the wood finish on the unit was perfect for the look and feel of my bathroom and was pre-assembled, so installation was relatively easy.

Another great way to save space in the bathroom is to install a mirrored bathroom cabinet, also known as a medicine cabinet, these combine shelving with mirrored doors. This means that you are gaining some valuable shelf space behind your mirror. It’s a great place to hide away items which you don’t want young hands to reach, as these cabinets are often mounted at head height so that the mirror is best place for use. The cabinet can also add an extra feeling of space within the bathroom as the mirror reflects the light around giving the illusion of more room.


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