How to Convert Your Garage into a Guest Room
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Last updated: Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garage space can be converted into a variety of things, in this case, a guest room. Before you start remodeling your garage into a guest room, make sure the building codes in your area let you do so.

Some of the benefits of doing this include:

  • Obviously, more living space.
  • Your home should be less disrupted, due to the fact that you’ll be working in an enclosed area.
  • You will save tons of money because you won’t need to lay a new foundation. This excess money could go to decorating the interior of the guest room once it is completed.

Be sure to submit any building plans your city may require for approval. Some communities also have restrictions on covered car parkings. If this is true in your case, you may want to only convert a portion of your garage to a guest room.

Steps to Success:

  1. Remove the large garage door. Don’t forget to disassemble cables and other wires that may have been used to automatically open and close the door.
  2. Build a new wall to cover for the old garage door. Make sure your design flows; keep window shapes and other aspects of your home true to your new guest room.
  3. Be sure to insulate the new wall. Typically, garages are not insulated, or are insulated poorly. Add the insulation before putting up the drywall.
  4. Add your closet now if you want your room to have one.
  5. Also add lighting fixtures and other electrical applications.
  6. In order to make your guest room look like a part of the rest of the house, it might be in your best interest to change the door from the garage to the main house.
  7. Paint the interior. Begin thinking about new furniture and other accessories you’ll be adding.
  8. Due to the fact that many garages have concrete floors, you’ll want to add a carpet so your guests don’t complain of the cool temperature.

Tweek anything you may need to in order to make the guest room special and you are finished! Throw a party and invite some of your friends and relatives to spend the night!


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